FREEDOM to let teens express their style.

Hey Teens and Parents, it's time to ditch the old-school banking blues and embrace financial freedom with BFC Teen Checking! Picture this: your own account, your own style, and most importantly, your own money. Designed exclusively for teens aged 13-17, our Teen Checking accounts empower teens to step into the world of independence and financial responsibility.

Account Benefits:

  • Free Debit Card: Because who needs checks when you can swipe in style?
  • FREE Digital Banking: Manage your money on the go, because life moves fast!
  • Digital Wallet Compatibility: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay – we've got your tech-savvy needs covered.
  • NO Sneaky Fees: No minimum balance requirements and NO monthly service charge. Your money, your rules!
  • Access to over 40,000+ surcharge-free ATMs: Because we believe your cash should be spent on things you love, not fees.
  • Easy Peasy $25 Account Opening: Start your financial journey without breaking the bank.
Open an Account

Flash your report card (yes, even digitally!) when you open your account, and voila! Enjoy an instant $5.00 credit through our LEARN2EARN (L2E) student rewards program. At the same time, be entered up to 6 times for one (1) chance at twenty (20) $100 drawings twice a school year. Smart, right? See all L2E details!

Start saving at the same time.

Open a savings account at the same time to take advantage of our Save The Change program that rounds every debit card purchase up to the nearest dollar and places that rounded-up amount into their savings account!

They spend, and you monitor!

Oh, and parents, we've got your back too. With accounts for teens under 18, you can monitor their spending, ensuring they make it rain responsibly. So, let them splurge on those trendy clothes and make a statement. BFC Teen Checking: Where style meets financial savvy! Open an account today and let the financial adventures begin!

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