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At BFC, we're not just about loans – we're about community. When you opt for a business loan with us, you're not just getting funds; you're gaining a partner dedicated to your success. Our lending team goes beyond the numbers, taking the time to understand your vision, challenges, and goals. With our passionate commitment to seeing your business thrive, let's build something great together and make your dreams a reality

Our Business Loans Include: 
  • Commercial real estate 
  • Commercial construction 
  • Equipment loans 
  • Lines of credit 
  • Letters of credit 
Behind every great loan is an even greater team. Meet the faces behind BFC's lending department – a group of dedicated professionals who are not only experts in finance but also champions of local businesses like yours. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, our team is here to provide personalized guidance and support every step of the way. Get to know our lending staff and discover how their expertise can help propel your business forward. Click here to meet the team!


SBA Loans: Unlock your business's growth

Alright, let's dive into the world of Small Business Administration (SBA) loans. Picture this: it's like having a trusted friend (the U.S. government) vouch for you when you're seeking funds to fuel your business growth or purchase a business. The beauty of it? With Uncle Sam's endorsement, financial institutions are more inclined to loosen their purse strings, offering terms and conditions that are a cut above your typical loan arrangement.

Our SBA Guaranteed Loan Program Includes:
  • 7(a): Loan program allows up to $5,000,000
  • Express: Loan for eligible small businesses 
  • SBA 504: Long-term financing for real estate or equipment with minimum equity of 10% 
Let's unpack how SBA loans shake up the traditional lending landscape.

It's akin to stepping into the VIP lounge of business financing. Say goodbye to sleepless nights fretting over stringent credit requirements – SBA loans bring a breath of fresh air with their more relaxed approach. And those daunting down payments? Consider them a thing of the past. With SBA loans, you've got ample time to repay, stretching out to a generous 10 or even 25 years. Oh, and here's the kicker: no pesky prepayment penalties if you decide to settle the score ahead of schedule.

So, if you're ready to turn your business dreams into reality, and want to know if an SBA loan is your ticket to success. Contact our SBA Specialist – Dennis Vitt.