Chip-and-Pin Technology

We've always been committed to protecting our customers' account information, and now we have chip technology to further enhance security. These new cards are not only more secure - they're also easy to use. Chip-and-Pin peace of mind.

The Chip

Introducing the new Bank of Franklin County chip card. The new card contains an embedded chip that uses secure technology to make it harder to copy your account information, better protecting you from fraud.

Use Your Chip Card Anywhere

Check out at retailers with chip-enabled terminals by simply inserting the card and following the prompts. Check out as you normally would by swiping at retailers without chip-enabled terminals or by providing your card information for over the phone and online purchases.

What You Need To Do

Please activate your new Bank of Franklin County chip card immediately by calling 1-877-584-6600. It's important to note that with a new card number, expiration date and CVV code, you will need to update the card information on record with any merchant you have authorized to automatically change your account.

3 easy steps to Chip-and-Pin checkout

Way more secure. More widely accepted. Easy to use.

Download User Guide

1. Insert your card into the card reader at checkout. Leave it in there until your transaction is complete.

2. Follow the prompts and wait for the transaction to be processed. You may be required to enter your PIN or sign to complete the transaction.

3. Remove your card when prompted by the terminal. And you're on your way!