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Our lending team is friendly, knowledgeable and ready to help find the right loan for you. Whether you’re planning to buy a home, car or have unexpected expenses, a personal loan from Bank of Franklin County is the flexible way to cover the cost. You can even borrow for a vacation, new kitchen, computer, boat, motorcycle — the possibilities are endless. What can we help you do? 

Auto Loans
At Bank of Franklin County, we know the process of buying a vehicle can be stressful. Our Consumer Loan Specialist, Dustin Jasper, is here to help you find the right loan option, so you can focus on the fun of it. In addition to our hassle-free loan process, we offer competitive interest rates so you can get in the vehicle you need faster.

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Personal Loans
Get the personal loan you need for the things you want. From recreational vehicle to boat loans, we have the financing solutions designed to allow you to enjoy life.

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Home Improvement Loans
With the help of a Bank of Franklin County home improvement loan you can take advantage of the opportunity to upgrade your biggest investment. Whether you're remodeling or adding-on, we offer financing to make your home feel more like home.
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Certificate Loans

Get 2% over the certificate of deposit rate when securing a Bank of Franklin County certificate.

Signature Loans
Signature loans are subject to our standard credit qualifications. Discount may apply for automated payments from a Bank of Franklin County account. Give us a call today to get rates and terms.