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Whether you're hunting for a new home, a shiny car, or dealing with life's little surprises, BFC has your back. Personal loans? Oh, they're practically our middle name. Need cash for a dreamy vacation, a sleek kitchen upgrade, the latest computer, or even a boat? We say, why not! The options? Totally limitless. So, spill the beans—what's your next big move? 

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Rev Up Your Ride with BFC's Auto Loans!
Who needs the headache of car shopping? Certainly not you! At BFC, our Universal Bankers are your trusty sidekicks, here to banish those stressful car-buying woes. We'll steer you toward the perfect loan option, leaving you free to enjoy the thrill of the hunt. And guess what? Our process is smoother than a freshly paved highway. Plus, we've got interest rates that won't slow you down, so you can zoom into the vehicle of your dreams in no time! 

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Indulge Your Passions with BFC’s Personal Loans

Why wait for life’s adventures? At BFC, we believe in seizing the moment, and we’ve got your ticket to excitement. Whether it’s tracking that buck in your side-by-side, hitting the open road in a luxurious recreational vehicle, or sailing the seas (aka rivers) on a sleek boat, we’ve got the financing magic to bring your dreams to life. Our customized loan options ensure you get what you desire, precisely when you desire it. Why settle for less when you can have it all? Your dreams, our reality. Let’s make it happen!


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Certificate Loans
Get 2% over the certificate of deposit rate when securing a Bank of Franklin County certificate.

Signature Loans
Signature loans are subject to our standard credit qualifications. Discount may apply for automated payments from a Bank of Franklin County account. Give us a call today to get rates and terms.