It works as a virtual change jar!

By enrolling in our Save The Change program, each time you make a purchase with your Bank of Franklin County debit card, the purchase amount will be rounded to the nearest dollar. The difference, or round-up amount, will be credited to a secondary Bank of Franklin County account - a savings or club account or another checking account.

For example: if you spent $5.28 on your BFC debit card, $6.00 would be removed from your checking account, $5.28 that would go towards your purchase, and then the round-up amount of $0.72 will be placed into your designated secondary account!

There are many reasons to join, with obvious benefits:

  • When saving money seems impossible, this makes it automatic with every purchase
  • Make balancing your checking account easy with numbers perfectly rounded
  • Help your teenagers build their savings with every debit purchase they make from their own BFC Basic - Teen Checking account

Start saving your digital "loose change" today!

Already have your accounts?

Sign up through your Mobile App or Online Banking:
  1. Once logged in, click "Menu" on the far left of the bottom navigation panel (Mobile App Only)
  2. Select "Support Center" in the left-hand navigation panel
  3. Under Support Center, click "Or Choose a Form to Submit" to see all forms
  4. Select the bottom form titled, "Save The Change Enrollment Form"
  5. You will need the following information ready to complete the process
    • Checking Account Number (the one your Debit Card is connected to)
    • Deposit Account Number
  6. Leave the termination section blank and click "SUBMIT"

Need to Sign Up for your account(s)?

You can start the process by completing the online enrollment form or stop by any of our branches during our business hours!

Start Enrollment Online

If you need help enrolling in the Save The Change program, you can print the Save The Change Form and bring it to any of our locations where one of our Universal Bankers will assist you.

See all program disclosures here.