Come on over, we’ll make the transition stress free 

We want your business, so we want switching to a Bank of Franklin County bank account seamless and easy. It’s the least we can do to show you that you’re an important customer. 

How our Switch Kit works: 

STEP 1: Open a Bank of Franklin County account online, by calling (636) 239-6600 or (877) 584-6600, or stopping by a branch and talking to one of our new account representatives.

STEP 2: Next, we’ll walk you through transferring automatic payments and direct deposits. Then you’ll complete the automatic payment/direct deposit form and return it to any of our four locations. Bringing a copy of your most recent bank statement helps to move the process along.

Automatic Payment/Direct Deposit form

STEP 3: The last step is to close your old account. We will monitor your account to ensure all of your automatic payments and direct deposits have made the switch to your new Bank of Franklin County account. As soon as all of your automatic payments and deposits have been transferred to your Bank of Franklin County account, we will send a request to your former bank to close the account, using a close account form. We will notify you when we send the request to your former bank.

Account Close form

It’s that simple. Let us take you through the process step by step. Call one of our team members at (636) 239-6600 or (877) 584-6600 to get the new account process going.