FDIC Insurance Resources

Below are some helpful resources to help you learn more about how FDIC insurance works. As always, if you have questions, you can always call our main number 636.239.6600 or stop by any branch to talk with any of our Universal Bankers or Branch Managers about your accounts specifically. 
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FDIC Deposit Insurance FAQs
Understanding Deposit Insurance

A Message From Our President & CEO

Dear Friends,

The events in the financial markets these past few weeks have certainly been unsettling for all of us. Please know our Board of Directors, staff, and I take very seriously the trust you have placed in Bank of Franklin County (BFC) and its management team. I am happy to inform you that BFC’s business model and business practices could not be more different than those of the troubled banks on the west and east coasts. We aren’t involved in tech startups or cryptocurrency—our business is to gather deposits and make loans in the local markets where we are chartered to serve, and those portfolios are a direct reflection of those communities. We are locally owned, locally managed, and invest locally. We are here for you and positioned to operate ‘business as usual’ offering the same great products and services that you rely on to meet your banking needs.

It is important to understand that BFC is and always has been well-diversified in both our deposit and loan relationships. We have a strong, highly experienced risk management team that monitors our investment portfolio and the markets on a daily basis. In other words, all of BFC’s assets and liabilities are managed to limit concentrations of any kind and anticipate potential risks.

When I started my career, I was fortunate enough to learn from depression-era bankers who taught me the basic rule of banking: never forget that a bank is a custodian of the public’s money, so protect it well. Be conservative in all of your decisions, and diversify, diversify, diversify. If this oversimplifies the banking industry I apologize, but whenever a bank fails, it is apparent these simple rules were not followed. These basic rules are what drive our community bank’s approach to business. Treating each and every customer fairly, honestly, and with respect while safeguarding their investments is the cornerstone of who we are.

We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have about your bank and its future, so please do not hesitate to call or stop by Bank of Franklin County to talk with us. We pride ourselves on our open-door policy and try very hard to make our executive management team available for any assistance you may need. Senior Vice President, Becky Buhr, and I have our offices in the lobby at the Eighth Street location and are normally easily accessible. Chief Financial Officer, Jane Glastetter, oversees backroom operations upstairs at the Rabbit Trail location, and you are welcome to call or stop by and ask to speak with her.

As always, thank you for your confidence. We will continue to protect your investment and honor the trust you have placed in us.

Your friend and your banker,

Robert D. Dobsch
President & CEO