Personal Debit Card 
Leave the Checkbook Behind 
Remember the days when running out of checks meant the end of the world? Leave that world behind with a Bank of Franklin County Debit Card, complete with the convenience of a credit card, but one that deducts directly from your checking account. 
This MasterCard® Debit Card allows you to have access to your money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Whether at an ATM or Point of Sale (POS) transaction, make your money management run smoother and easier with your very own Bank of Franklin County Debit Card.   
With the Bank of Franklin County Debit Card, you have the ability to view all transactions through Online Banking. Your debit card can be used at any ATM that accepts MasterCard, for easy cash withdrawals wherever you are.  This card is the perfect alternative to the hassle of a checkbook. 
Discover the convenience of a Bank of Franklin County Debit Card today by contacting any of our account representatives at (636) 239-6600 or toll free 1-877-584-6600. 
Gift Card 
Give the gift of freedom with our Visa® Gift Cards.   
  • Use where debit cards are accepted – at millions of locations
  • Choose the amount you want to give to fit your budget: from $10 - $1,000
  • Recipient can shop online or over the phone
  • Safer than cash
    Personal Credit Card 
    Visa® Platinum Card 
    Our New Visa® Platinum Credit Card Offers Great Benefits! 
    Click Here To Apply 
  • Competitive Rates *  
  • Reward points for merchandise and travel
  • Tickets good on any airline with no blackout dates  
  • Travel Accident Insurance **
  • Personal service from people you know

  • * See the card application's Important Disclosures for current terms, rates and fees.  Credit cards are subject to credit approval.  Cards are issued by TCM Bank, N.A. 
    ** Coverage applies when the entire cost of the fare (less redeemable certificates, vouchers, or coupons) has been charged to the card.  Your account must be in good standing.  Restrictions to coverage may apply. 
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