Merchant Capture is designed for businesses that will be making their deposits electronically using Franklin Express Deposit.  Franklin Express Deposit allows the corporate vendor or merchant user to scan and deposit received checks electronically using the Internet. This application can be referred to as Web Merchant, Corporate Deposit, Remote Deposit or Merchant Capture. The ease of installation over the Internet makes Franklin Express Deposit extremely handy and convenient. 
Reduce administrative time and cost 
  • Low monthly service charge
  • Eliminate trips to the bank
  • Simplify the deposit preparation
  • Consolidate deposits from all your locations automatically
  • Eliminate manual endorsement of checks
  • Track deposits by location
    Manage cash better 
  • Accelerate deposits with extended same-day deadlines
  • Access real-time information on deposit activity by location
    Streamline operations 
  • Provide fast response to customer payment inquiries
  • Simplify processing, posting, and reconcilement
  • Reduce photocopying and storage
  • Easy to use scanner and software, provided by Bank of Franklin County
    Secure transactions 
  • Benefit from industry-leading security and safety protocols
  • Control user access and assigned privileges
  • Access detailed deposit confirmations online
    Streamline your business deposit process and eliminate trips to the bank with Bank of Franklin County‚Äôs Merchant Capture service.  A business account with Bank of Franklin County is required.  Contact us at (877) 584-6600 for a current quote and more information on this service. 
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