We understand the pressures you face when purchasing a new vehicle for yourself or your family, so we want to provide you with a simple, stress-free financing option.  We feel that your energy should go into selecting a safe vehicle with all of the luxurious features you expect in a new vehicle.  The last thing you should worry about is finding the right auto loan. 
In addition to our hassle-free loan process, you will find a competitive interest rate so you can be on your way in your new car or truck.   
               New Auto:                                                                   Used Auto: 
Term                                           APR*                                                Term                                            APR*      
61 to 72 months                      3.63%*                                              Up to 60 months                       2.99%* 
                                                                                                               2012 or newer model year 
                                                                                                               Up to 60 months                       4.20%* 
                                                                                                               2008 - 2011 model year 
                                                                                                               Up to 48 months                       5.25%* 
                                                                                                               2007 or older model year                                                             
Auto Loan Links: Kelly Blue Book |  NADA 
* APR is the annual percentage rate. APR’s reflect a .50% discount for an automated payment from a Bank of Franklin County account. Rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. All loans are subject to our standard credit qualifications. 
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